Moraff's 3D-Jongg, one in the series of MahJongg titles released by Moraff Games for solitaire play, includes several play modes and a variety of options allowing gameplay customization. Twelve varied layouts are offered and matches are in sets of three rather than pairs and can only be made when the left or right of the shape is unblocked. The game is available both as a single title from Global Star Software or as part of a collection in Moraff's Maximum Mahjongg.

Default mode contains 132 shapes, some stacked in overlapping layers, and only unblocked shapes on the top layer can be removed. When selected, unblocked shapes highlight, showing availability for removal if a match is found. Blocked shapes neither highlight nor can they be removed. Some shape sets contain triads with similar shapes but different colors. Only triads with the same color and shape can be matched and will automatically be removed if selected. The game continues until no valid matches remain or the board is cleared.

The interface is mouse driven with selections accomplished via dropdown menus. A statistics screen displays the number of games won, average time in a winning game, fastest winning time and total time played. Other customization choices include full or windowed screen, background images (patterns or a variety of photographic images), shape sets (similar to tile sets in regular Mahjongg) with various colors and patterns, including letter and number sets, and an undo function that reverses your last move. Tech support at the Moraff Games and Global Star Software websites is provided in the help menu.

The default music is a MIDI version of an instrumental arrangement and cycles through several other melodies. You can opt to toggle the music off and keep the audible feedback ("Sorry" and "Oh dear") responses on. A random play feature is also available along with the option to turn all sounds off. A "cheat" function is offered that allows you to check for available moves using the "Get Hint" selection from the upper edge menu bar or by right clicking the mouse anywhere on the screen (if available, two matching shapes will highlight). Games are timed with only the ten fastest making the winner's list. ~ Murrday Fisher, All Game Guide