In Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars, players set out to save a uniquely weird world, from the point of view of a three-inch-tall walking mushroom. Players guide their fungus hero through nearly a dozen levels of classically styled 3D platforming, with plenty of environmental and inventory puzzles to solve along the way. As he explores each level, the player's Mushroom Man can gather together found objects and items, and fashion these into tools to help him accomplish goals and overcome obstacles. Other special abilities, such as the hero's power to glide through the air on the his mushroom cap head, and his springy, grappling-hook-like "Sticky Hand" tool, help him reach otherwise inaccessible locations and objectives.

As the story goes, a strange comet passed close to the earth and spread a strange green dust across the planet, bringing ordinary plants consciousness and mobility. The different species banded together into tribes, and then began to quarrel and eventually go to war with one another. Alas, if only all good Mushroom Men everywhere could learn to overlook their differences and embrace their similarities. Both The Spore Wars and its sister game, Rise of the Fungi on DS, feature the same style of 3D platforming action, through the same stylized, mushroom-themed world. Each game follows its own storyline, however, with the DS game serving as prequel to the Wii game. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide