With three compilation discs under their belt, Namco once again gives gamers a dose of classic Arcade nostalgia. Namco Museum Vol. 4 includes five games: Assault, Pac-Land, The Return of Ishtar, Ordyne and The Genji and the Heike Clans. Each title has been replicated in its entirety to look, play and sound like the originals on which they are based.

Assault is a tank shooter in which you are a citizen of the floating continents, fighting for peace while trying to save your people from mighty military forces. You can pilot your tank in eight directions and fire normal shots and grenades. Pac-Land is a side-scrolling, obstacle-avoiding adventure that gives the previously limbless Pac-Man arms and legs. You can run, jump, fly, eat ghosts and find hidden items.

In the side scrolling shooter Ordyne, you are Tomari Yuichiro, a scientific genius whose atomic conversion device has been stolen and whose fiancee has been kidnapped. In order to restore your stolen goods, you must defeat the evil Kubota. You can avoid or shoot enemies, drop bombs, buy weaponry and play a bonus game.

The Genji and the Heike Clans is a side scrolling ninja game in which your mission is to find the evil Minamoto-no-Yoritomo and assassinate him. The game features a Big Mode, a Plain Mode and a Side Mode. You battle enemies with a sword, and you can pick up sacred tools and purchase special power-ups. These items have a variety of functions such as poison antidote, sword power, life restoration and protection from special attacks.

The sequel to The Tower of Druaga, The Return of Ishtar has you attacking enemies by using spells, fireballs, flying disks and other weapons. You can move both characters in eight directions, find keys to unlock doors and open treasure boxes.

In addition to the five featured titles, Namco Museum Vol. 4 includes a virtual museum full of historical information and special artifacts related to the games. ~ Joshua Romero, All Game Guide