A simplified version of EA's best-selling NCAA Football franchise, NCAA Football 09: All Play features gesture-based controls, assisted play calling, and onscreen visual cues to help those new to the sport. Players are still free to choose from an assortment of licensed teams and can guide their favorite program across multiple seasons in the Dynasty mode. Controls are initiated with the Wii Remote, allowing users of all ages and abilities to quickly pass, run, and tackle without having to read an instruction manual. To further acclimate new users to the gridiron, various "action icons" will appear to notify players precisely when to evade defenders, tackle the ball carrier, bat down the ball, and more. Both a full playbook and an abbreviated version are available, with the option of letting the "head coach" call plays for those who would rather focus on the on-field action. For a more whimsical approach to college football, fans can select the Battle of the Mascots mode, an arcade-style game featuring an entire team of such favorites as Sparty the Spartan, Sparky the Sun Devil, and Harry the Husky. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide