Necromancer is a game that has you collecting seeds to fertilize trees while fending off hooded goons and spiders. As the sorcerer stands in the middle of a black screen, enemies wander back and forth; while the goons won't attack, the spiders will.

Whenever the sorcerer receives damage from a renegade spider, health is subtracted. In order to complete the mission, you'll need to watch the health numbers at the bottom of the screen. Moving the crosshair over the goons will make them disappear, but casting this magic drains health. Gaining health involves positioning the crosshair over the spiders. When the health meter has been depleted, the game is over.

Planting trees is essential, as you will receive more points from fertilizing seeds. Seed items will appear on the screen at random times, and you will need to move the cursor over the item to pick it up. While some items will grant the sorcerer a single seed, others provide multiple seeds. Fertilizing a seed is accomplished by pressing the fire button. Trees begin as simple stumps and twigs, growing over time.

Necromancer also contains side-scrolling levels filled with a variety of hazards and enemies. The sorcerer must avoid things like pummeling pillars and pitfalls, where one mistake means instant death instead of diminished health. After the game is finished, your overall score will be added to the high score list. ~ Matthew House, All Game Guide