Nectaris: Military Madness is essentially an updated version of the Turbografx-16 classic, Military Madness. The main plot and the original campaign mode was taken straight out of that venerable TG-16 version in fact. (Even the resolution of the combat maps and the music are the same). But the game doesn't just stop where the older version did. Superficially, it adds in the option of polygonal battle cinematics and full motion video sequences. (Purists have the option of using 2D sequences and the impatient can turn off the animations entirely).

For the types out there who look for more meat to their games, it offers an additional 44 prize winning maps designed by Japanese fans of the game that were the result of a contest Hudsonsoft held. There is also a scenario editor to add in more maps, or edit existing ones for one or two player battling. In all, you'll get a chance to play a TG-16 classic without having to dredge up a TG-16 and a copy of the game which has become a rather pricey collector's item.

So get ready to lock and load. Without your intercession, the Xenon empire will rule the Moon, and soon after, the Earth as well. It's now up to the rag-tag group that escaped the initial blitzkrieg raids to reclaim the lost lunar bases including Nectaris, which is the largest and best defended of the newly created Xenon outposts. Best buckle down though, the strategic demands can be intense, and your resources will be limited. Plan your mobilization carefully or your reset button will be in heavy use! ~ Joe Ottoson, All Game Guide