Based on the Shawnimals characters and featuring favorites such as White Ninja, Anti Ninja, Baby Ninja, and Ol' Ninja Master (not to mention Business Ninja and Consultant Ninja), Ninjatown is a lightweight, fast-paced, real-time strategy game designed especially for Nintendo DS. Each stage offers a top-down view of a different district of Ninjatown. The main gameplay involves using the stylus and touch screen to assign the best ninjas to protect key areas of the district. The ninjas must be ready to fend off streams of wee little demons who are pouring into town from the surrounding wilderness. It seems the game's big baddie, Mr. Demon himself, has been sending these minions to Ninjatown ever since a nearby volcano erupted, but no one is quite sure why he's taking out his aggression on the friendly, peaceful village. For now, it's all the Wee Ninjas can do to keep their home from being overrun, even with patented special attacks such as the "Fists of Tickle Fury," "Candy Smoke Bomb," the "Mighty Wind of Ninja Droppings," and the ever-popular "Stealth Hug" at their disposal. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide