Description taken from PC version of this game

In this PC version of the popular board game Operation, you still play the doctor but with and interesting twist -- you now have more patients, different hospitals to work in, and more things to worry about as you attempt to cure your subjects. Features include 25 patients with various afflictions that you can cure in five different hospital wards that include names such as The Haunted Hospital, In the Rain Forest Hospital, The Space Hospital, The Dino Hospital, and The Main Hospital.

Play by yourself or with up to three additional players with multiplayer support. There is also a Print Center where you can print out certificates received from patients you have successfully saved as well as their respective pictures. Instead of operating "on" the patient, you must actually enter the patient to retrieve the foreign objects that are the reason for their affliction. To make matters worse, you must avoid the germs and foreign bodies in between you and the object as well as keeping clear of the walls of the organ you are operating on. If you miss, you'll still hear the familiar buzzing sound from the board game. ~ All Game Guide