A botched nuclear experiment sends young physicist Lester Knight Chaykin on an inter-dimensional trip to a strange new world, one ravaged by earthquakes and inhabited by hostile aliens. Alone in an unfamiliar place, Chaykin will have to use his sharp intellect and quick-thinking skills to survive the many obstacles placed in his path. In addition to a variety of action-oriented, environmental-based puzzles to solve, the game also includes some combat sequences. Chaykin can either engage in hand-to-hand battles or equip a multi-functional laser pistol. Moves are otherwise limited to jumping, ducking, and running. In development for two years, Out of This World features an atmospheric presentation with polygonal graphics brought to life with a technique called rotoscoped animation. There is no visible interface, no dialogue sequences, and the camera will zoom, scale, and pan at various points to give the action a cinematic feel. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide