Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection, the second entry in Crave's licensed pinball series, offers a total of ten authentic tables from Williams' extensive library. Featured titles in the collection include the industry's first talking pinball game, Gorgar (1979), as well as Black Knight (1980), Space Shuttle (1984), PinBot (1986), Taxi (1988), Whirlwind (1990), Funhouse (1990), Firepower (1980), Jive Time (1970), and Sorcerer (1980). Yet instead of having all tables accessible from the start, the game requires you to unlock all but four of the titles. To acquire the remaining tables, you'll have to complete various milestones, from surpassing a high score to attaining a specific bonus multiplier. You'll also be able to unlock artwork, custom balls, free plays, and other bonuses as you progress. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide