Description taken from Arcade version of this game

Popeye is a multi-level platform game where Popeye the Sailor tries to win the love of Olive Oyl by catching the hearts she throws from the top level. It's Popeye's job to catch the hearts before they disintegrate in the water on the bottom level.

While catching the hearts, Popeye must avoid Bluto, his rival, who is trying to prevent him from winning Olive. Bluto is helped during the game by the Sea Hag, who throws pill bottles at Popeye in an attempt to knock him into the water. Popeye can punch these bottles, or simply move up or down to a different level to avoid them.

Each level contains spinach. When Popeye eats the spinach (by punching it), he can punch Bluto and temporarily remove him from the game. There are also traps that Popeye can use to get rid of Bluto on certain levels.

To advance to the next level, Popeye must catch Olive's hearts until the house on the top level is filled. ~ Anthony Baize, All Game Guide