Well, blow me down and shiver me timbers! Parker Bros. made Nintendo's
Popeye for the Atari 5200! In this game you portray the title character, that famous
pipe-smoking sailor from the cartoons.

Popeye consists of three levels. In each level you must run and climb up and down
ladders, stairs, and platforms, gathering up objects being floated down from your
girlfriend, Olive Oyl. In the first stage she floats hearts, in the second stage she floats musical notes, and in the final stage, which takes place aboard a boat, she gets really desperate and begins floating the letters that spell out the word HELP.

As you hurry about, gathering up items, your arch enemy Brutus will be on your tail.
If he touches you, you're a goner, unless you have recently eaten a can of spinach; while
hyped up on spinach, you are invulnerable, and you can punch out Brutus. From time
to time the repulsive Sea Hag pops out and throws bottles at you. You can dodge
them, or, if you want extra points, you can punch them. In the third level you must also
contend with vultures.

This game is very similar to the ColecoVision version, but Popeye has a pipe in
the 5200 version, while it is conspicuously absent in the ColecoVision game! ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide