Finally, peace and quiet in the realm. But, just when things are really looking up, you and your new bride, the Sultan's beautiful daughter, are required to accompany him on a trip of diplomacy to visit his younger brother, King Assan. Relations between the Sultan's kingdom and that of his brother have been a bit rocky lately and the trip is seen as an opportunity to smooth out the differences.

Having won your freedom, as well as the right to marry the Princess by earlier defeating her father's many enemies, life has never seemed so wonderful, especially for one who has overcome his humble beginnings as a common beggar boy. You want nothing more than to retire for the evening with your bride but after-dinner social demands require you to attend a special entertainment deemed unsuitable for married women.

Lulled by the after-dinner entertainment and unable to clear your thoughts of your bride, you are completely caught off guard by the vicious attack! It appears as if Rugnor, King Assan's son and your wife's cousin, has designs on becoming her husband. To achieve his goal, she has been taken hostage while you've been thrown into a dank and rat-infested dungeon cell, stripped of your weapons and fine clothes. And what has become of the Sultan?

That and many other questions will be answered as you take the role of the Prince of Persia in this 3D fighting adventure. From a third-person perspective, you'll need to escape from the cell, evade traps, break enchantments, gain weapons (both sword and bow) and battle your way through a maze of enemies, diabolical puzzles and deadly situations to regain your rightful place next to your bride. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide