Pure is an off-road racing title featuring ATVs and fast-paced, arcade-style action. The object isn't merely to cross the finish line before your 15 opponents, but to perform a variety of flashy stunts while hurtling down mountains, leaping off cliffs, and motoring across rugged terrain. A three-tier trick system (basic, advanced, and pro) is initiated simply by tapping one of the controller's face buttons, with the analog stick used to modify or tweak each acrobatic feat. As with titles in the SSX series, performing tricks in Pure fills a boost meter that lets you travel at high speeds in short bursts or in one extended stretch. Multiple characters are available to race in a choice of real-world locales, including Ocotillo Wells, Lake Garda, Sandy Mountain, and Timber Falls. Up to 16 players can compete online in an assortment of competitive challenges. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide