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Puzzle Guzzle (PlayStation Portable)

Aside From the Best Name EverÂ…

by Coop

Game Puzzle Guzzle

Platform PlayStation Portable

Genre(s) Puzzle

Name: Puzzle Guzzle
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: PSP

Puzzle Guzzle is a game that puts all of its cards on the table as soon as you pick it up. Not unlike Tetris, there are a few different game modes to play in the single player section and the main mode of the game features falling blocks. Players work to destroy the blocks so that the game can continue forever.

Different shaped blocks can be put together to make longer shapes, and when it doesn’t have any sides left open the shape disappears and points are given. It's a simple idea, and one that I am surprised hasn’t been thought of yet. The only downside is that while it starts off fun and easy, the play ends up being somewhat tedious and, unlike Tetris, things start to fall apart once the gameplay speeds up.

Graphically and musically it isn’t too impressive. In its own right it may be fine, but when placed up against the fantastic visuals and scores of most puzzle games the music grows old quickly and the design leaves much to be desired. While neither should take precedence over the gameplay, puzzle games are usually simple enough that a few coats of paint can be applied over the shell to give a lasting impression. Puzzle Guzzle leaves the bare-bones layout on the outside to be viewed and shrugged at by all.

The single player portion of the game lets gamers upgrade their “mascot,” who has as much customization as many RPG characters. Aside from being able to steal the eyes, nose, mouth, hat, and voice of the enemies they defeat by ripping them out in a bloody rampage (off screen and never mentioned, but that’s how I imagine it), you can also steal any opponents abilities to lead to having stronger skills for later matches.

Multiplayerwise the offerings are exactly what are to be expected. Players can either join up with friends who have the game or allow for them to download a version for competitive play. The mode of play is pretty fun when both people know what they are doing, but there is a huge learning curve that can be exploited.

Puzzle Guzzle is a surprisingly good puzzle game with a few flaws that hold it back from being great. While the concept holds strong, the game can become repetitive fast and doesn't always end with a logical finale. Hopefully with some modification to the formula they can make a sequel that solves some of these problems, but as of now this is likely a niche game at best.




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