You heft the double barrel shotgun to chest level and point it at the zombie standing before you. "Bang" you say, and the gun goes "Bang" sending two sprays of molten hot lead screaming into the decaying flesh. The zombie wavers for a moment before falling over in a sickening stench. With a groan, it pulls itself up to it's feet, and you back up a few steps. Pulling your rocket launcher from the holster on your back, you fire a rocket at the creature. As it makes contact, putrid flesh sprays everywhere. This is one zombie who'll never walk again.

Quake, originally created by id software (the creators of Doom and Doom 2), introduces a whole new twist to first-person shooters. With the ability to jump and look both up and down, Quake brought a more realistic sense of actually *being* in the game to the PC. Now it has been ported to the Saturn by Lobotomy Software with nearly everything intact. Players will find a variety of weapons, creatures, and features such as anti-gravity, wind tunnels, and monsters who attack each other. ~ Chris Couper, All Game Guide