Take the field as one of four fictional baseball teams in Relief Pitcher. As the Boston Bashers, Houston Dusters, Los Angeles Speeders or Chicago Strokers, choose between playing one full nine-inning game or closing out all of the games in a season.

In the "Relief Pitcher" mode, you'll be faced with a rough situation, such as a one-run lead in the ninth that you must defend to win the game. The opposite may be true also, as you may be forced to come back to win with your bat. In this mode, there are 12 games in a season with a "Stars Game" after the sixth.

The game's unique controls feature a hitting side and a pitching side in which players must switch sides after each half-inning. Each side features a joystick and one large button divided into three smaller ones. With the smaller buttons, choose between your three types of pitches (curveball, fastball and a specialized pitch) when on the mound and three types of swings (bunt, normal swing and power swing) when in the batter's box. Additionally, you are able to determine the strength and location of your pitches with these buttons and the joystick, also used to field and run bases. An announcer provides play-by-play as you rally your team to victory in Relief Pitcher. ~ Christopher Michael Baker, All Game Guide