Experience the life of a chef in Restaurant Empire, a simulation in which players design, create and manage a chain of restaurants. Players assume the role of newly graduated chef Armand LeBoeuf and follow the daily travails he endures while attempting to cultivate a successful chain of restaurants against the economic might of OmniCorp, a powerful multi-national corporation. Across the game's 18 scenarios, players will need to master the finer points of restaurant management, from the actual layout and design of the decor to purchasing equipment, hiring staff, acquiring ingredients, creating dishes, and even competing in cooking contests to earn valuable exposure.

Once they've created their dream restaurant, players will need to staff it with waiters, a maitre d', kitchen personnel, and (of course) a chef. Each chef is skilled in three types of cuisine -- American, French, and Italian -- and is proficient in particular dishes and specific courses (breakfast, main course, appetizers, desserts, and soup). Over time they will even gain experience, and the quality of their dishes improves as a result. Throughout the course of the game players will encounter patrons who sell high-quality ingredients and new recipes, or dispense advice to help improve the menu.

Food preparation is only one aspect of a successful restaurant, however, and players will need to ensure that the establishment's rating steadily increases by offering efficient service, refurbishing the decor, remodeling the exterior, and even advertising through various media in the hopes of enticing new clientele. Although players start out in modest surrounds in France, as their profit and prestige increase, they can expand globally, establishing restaurants in Rome and Los Angeles. Aside from the main campaign mode, players can participate in a free-form "Sandbox" mode where they can operate away from the pressures and problems of the campaign mode. ~ Gavin Frankle, All Game Guide