Description taken from Arcade version of this game

RoadBlasters is a futuristic combat racing game that involves driving a red prototype car in a series of 50 point-to-point races. The machine gun-equipped vehicle is used to eradicate members of a terrorist organization known as the Death Squad. Since the car also has a limited fuel tank, you'll need to drive over green and red globes to keep the gas-guzzler running at full capacity. Steer to avoid mines and toxic spills as you blast cannon towers and rival vehicles looking to impede your progress. An airship periodically flies overhead to assist you by dropping one of four power-ups: U.Z. cannons, electro shields, nitro injectors, and cruise missiles. Cross the finish line before time expires to advance to the next stage. Continue fighting on the deadly highways until you reach your ultimate goal: the Death Squad's headquarters. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide