Description taken from PC version of this game

The crime-fighting canine and his surly sidekick return for their first adventure since 1993's Sam & Max Hit the Road. In this retail version of the episodic series, previously available to GameTap subscribers and on developer Telltale's website, the duo becomes embroiled in six different cases. The action is viewed from a third-person perspective as players click on context-sensitive areas within the environment to gather clues. A number of puzzles and humorous situations will unfold as Sam and Max learn more about their kooky cases. Players will interact with quirky characters, choose from multiple dialogue options, engage in mini-games, and collect helpful items.

The following episodes are featured in Sam & Max's first season: Culture Shock; Situation: Comedy; The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball; Abe Lincoln Must Die; Reality 2.0; and Bright Side of the Moon. Each episode is considered a standalone adventure, with a broader mystery tying the six together. As a special bonus, the commercial release of Sam & Max: Season 1 includes a color poster and an additional CD filled with extras. Fans of the series can watch trailers for all six episodes, read character bios, view concept art, add wallpapers to their computer, listen to soundtrack selections, and learn more about the game with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide