Sea Wolf is a game where you take the controls as a submarine captain who must
torpedo enemy ships while they race across the ocean surface. Gamers look through a
through a periscope to aim at the moving enemy ships and press a button on the right
handle to fire torpedoes.

Hitting enemy ships garners points for the player. Floating mines just below the water's
surface can block a torpedo from hitting an enemy ship. After launching five torpedoes,
the player must wait a few seconds to reload. Reloading is automatic. There is no reload
button to press.

A timer with 60 seconds counts down during the game. Players can add time to the timer
by reaching certain point levels. Once the timer winds all the way down, the game is
over. There are five different types of enemy ships. Each kind of enemy ship has a specific
length and speed. ~ Anthony Baize, All Game Guide