It's your first day on the job as a sewer cleaner, and you think you're all ready to head on in and start blasting out the mutated scum that make their home in the sanitation system. But that was before you met your on-the-edge co-pilot, Ghost - an in-your-face fellow who wants a vacation to Solar City and "a million pounds of tubesteak!"

After a fellow pilot fails to report in, it looks like there's something amiss deep in the sewer tunnels - so it's up to you and Ghost to find out what. It's not going to be easy, though, and that's why you've got Catfish, a floating droid who shouts out directions as you fly through the underground rivers of sludge.

Can you make it alive to Solar City in this full-motion video adventure? Or, as Ghost puts it, will they be mopping you up with Handi-Wipes after you hit the wall? Play Sewer Shark and find out! ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide