Based on the feature film about a magic wish-granting rock, Shorts sends players through 26 levels of action-filled platforming and puzzles. Gamers join Nose Noseworthy, Loogie Short, Toe Thompson, and Helvetica Black as they use their unique skills to battle the power-hungry Mr. Black and reverse the unforeseen, Monkey's Paw-like side effects of wishes granted by the magical rainbow rock. Players use their stylus and touch screen to navigate a laboratory, a factory, and a castle, enlisting the help of tiny aliens, huge wasps, and flying dinosaurs for battles against bomb-shooting crocodiles, poisonous snakes, and vile booger monsters. Each level contains keys that help gamers advance, heart pieces to increase health capacity, and energy balls that power special abilities such as telekinesis, invincibility, and hover jumping. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide