South Park's ladies man, Chef, hosts his own public access game show on "Channel 69." With four swimsuit models as contestants, the winner earns the right to a "Weekend of Luv" with Chef -- at least that was the plan. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to book a single one of those lovely ladies. Instead, he'll just have to settle for Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny.

In South Park: Chef's Luv Shack, you and up to three friends (via the Multi Tap) assume the guises of your favorite foul-mouthed third-graders as you compete in what could be the most irreverent quiz show since You Don't Know Jack. In as many as eight three-question rounds (or as few as two), demonstrate your knowledge of subjects like herpes, Chewbacca, and gay cowboys. And what South Park game show would be complete without a few questions dealing with that snowy Colorado town?

At the end of each round, play with or against your opponents in one of 20 random mini-games. Old-school gamers will recognize many of these as South Park-ified versions of classic games. For instance, you might deliver pizzas from your bike as though you were playing Paperboy, or blast away at flatulent butts with Terrance and Phillip, à la Asteroids. Other classic game parodies include takeoffs on Galaga, Pong, and Donkey Kong.

Throughout the course of gameplay, you might enter a Pressure Round in which you must correctly identify seven of ten items as belonging to one category or another within a time limit (not unlike YDKJ's DisOrDats). Succeed and watch Cartman get anally probed by aliens! You might also be asked randomly to wager points in Double Down, or you could spin the Wheel of Fortuitousness for a chance at anything from a shot at another mini-game to a trip to jail with Officer Barbrady. ~ Christopher Michael Baker, All Game Guide