Space-plundering androids from a distant planet have stolen valuable energy crystals and hidden them in a three-dimensional tunnel. As the captain of a ship sent to retrieve the precious gems, you must beam your Hunter Robot into the space tunnel and help it find the crystals before they become radioactive and untouchable.

You view the action in Space Bandit from behind your robot, as though you are looking through the tunnel. The tunnel has many corridors, which are main thoroughfares that lead into the center Black Void, and alleys, which are passageways that crisscross over corridors. When the crystals first appear, they are red. They quickly turn from red, to purple and to white. If you touch a crystal when it is white, you will be destroyed.

As you collect crystals, a purple mother ship will appear in the Black Void and beam enemy Android Guards into the tunnel. The androids can shoot anti-gravity spray at your robot, but you can fire back with your electronic vapor gun. When you blast an enemy, it turns to a swirling energy mass, which remains onscreen as an obstacle. The bullets you fire move in a circular revolution around the tunnel. If you miss your target, the bullet could circle around, creating a boomerang effect that could destroy you robot.

If the game gets too intense, you can escape by beaming up to your ship and then beaming down to another tunnel. Or, you can activate your shields, which protect you from harm until deactivated. You begin each game with five Hunter Robots.

Space Bandits supports Milton Bradley's MBX Expansion System, which adds to the game voice recognition, speech synthesis, analog joystick and Action-Input Keypad. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide