Spectral Souls is a role-playing game of tactical battles that features hidden characters and scenarios, dozens of attacks, branching paths, a variety of abilities, item alchemy, and more. Three great forces -- the Rebel army, The Imperial army, and the Royal Demon Kingdom -- are poised for battle, waiting for the slightest action to initiate all-out warfare. During the game players choose their path by interacting and communicating with each faction, and navigating characters around grid-like battlefields to complete fighting sequences and objectives. Each character is given a turn, and available actions are determined by how many "APs" are available.

Character-specific super skills, which become more powerful as experience is gained and levels are achieved, can be linked with normal attacks to create custom combos and devastating team assaults. While visiting towns, a player can fight for money, customize a character's class and specialty by paying for skill upgrades, and buy or sell weapons, goods, armor, and other equipment for battle. "Synthesis" mode offers players an environment where they can create their own equipment, and gamers may also raise their character's skills "to infinity," in the "Unlimited Level" arena. ~ Gracie Leach, All Game Guide