SpongeBob SquarePants TV Games offers a selection of five games starring characters from Nickelodeon's popular animated series. All titles are housed within a standalone yellow joystick controller in the shape of SpongeBob's smiling head. After plugging the joystick into a television with standard A/V inputs, players can choose from the following games: "Patrick and the Maze," "Bubble Pop," "Invasion of the Hooks," "Sandy's Surf Adventure," and "The Super Chum Bucket." "Patrick and the Maze" has players navigating a hazard-filled labyrinth from an overhead perspective, while "Bubble Pop" involves bouncing a ricocheting ball off SpongeBob's head in an attempt to pop bubbles. "Invasion of the Hooks" lets players rescue characters from fishing lines, whereas "Sandy's Surf Adventure" is a side-scrolling shooter set within the colorful depths of Bikini Bottom. "The Super Chum Bucket" draws its inspiration from Donkey Kong as SpongeBob leaps across girders and climbs ladders while trying to avoid tumbling life preservers. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide