Patterned after the Sega arcade game, Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator puts the power of the Starship Enterprise at your command. Before you get too comfortable in the captain's chair, you should know that the Federation is in peril. A berserk, mutant probe called the Nomad is bent on wiping out the human race as we know it. In each of 10 sectors of play, before battling the offending space probe, you must gain energy by enduring several waves of hostile Klingons and Anti-Matter Saucers.

The playfield in Star Trek is divided into three sections: Radar Scanner (top right of the screen), gauges (top left of the screen) and 3-D Viewer (bottom of the screen). The scanner gives an overhead view of the battle and shows the Enterprise along with locations of starbases and enemies. Gauges help you monitor shields, photon torpedoes and Warp Drive. The viewer lets you fire off accurate shots as it gives you a simulated view from the bridge of your ship.

The Starship Enterprise rotates right and left and can cruise through space at Impulse Power or move at blinding speed via Warp Drive. It is equipped with shields, which help protect it from enemy fire, and both phasers and photon torpedoes, which can destroy enemies.

As you pilot your ship through space, red and yellow Klingon Battle Cruisers will attempt to halt your progress toward Nomad by destroying your ship and starbases. They will attack with rapid fire and plot collision courses with your ship.

Blue Anti-Matter Saucers, which are allies of the Klingons, should be avoided or destroyed. They appear randomly onscreen and will attempt to attach themselves to the Enterprise and drain its Warp Drive.

Nomad can only be destroyed with phasers. This sneaky devil moves rapidly on and off the screen, scattering a protective screen of explosives. You should strike quickly before it places the ninth mine, which triggers the detonation of all the mines.

If you manage to survive all 10 sectors of Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator, the game will continue at a faster pace. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide