The second Street Fighter game on the Dreamcast features new characters, a System Direction mode, and a Grade Judge System in addition to the requisite gameplay tweaks and improved character animations. Twelve, Q, Remy and Necro are but a few of the new pugilists entering the fray. Series' veteran Chun-Li makes a return as well.

Arcade, Versus, and Training modes make up the game's primary options, allowing gamers to compete against the computer, a friend, or brush up on their fighting skills, respectively. After selecting a character, one of three Super Arts -- a powerful special move -- must be chosen. Super Art moves can be performed only when the Super Art Gauge is full; as you fight, the gauge gradually fills up.

The newly introduced Grade Judge System evaluates a player's performance, taking into account offensive and defensive skills, technical ability, and how well each move is executed. At the end of the match, a grade is awarded based on the player's performance.

A replay feature is also included, immortalizing one's finest hour with the aid of 30 VMU blocks. The last major amendment to the title is The System Direction feature. Using this, players can customize gameplay to their liking. Everything from air blocking to chain combos can be toggled on or off. These settings can then be saved to the VMU for future access. ~ Gavin Frankle, All Game Guide