Are you the mightiest Puzzle Fighter in the world? Find out in Capcom's Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo! Pit your gem-dropping , puzzle-solving talents against such hardened street fighters as Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li and even the egomaniacal Dan!

You must drop a series of gems into the bottom of a pit, similarly to Tetris or Columns. Once you build up four or more into a Power Gem, use a Crash Gem to destroy the whole shebang, tossing them over to your opponent's side. When the pile reaches the top of the screen, your opponent is out for the count and you emerge victorious.

It's madly addicting, chock-full of puzzle goodness, and the tides of the game can turn at any given moment thanks to unpredictable gameplay. If you like competitive puzzle action, you must try out Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo! ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide