Task Force

Apple II

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  • Overall

    Similar to NARC, Task Force features a
    gun-toting player racing through highly-detailed urban environments, laying down walls of
    hot lead and bazooka fire on ususpecting bad guys.

    As the game starts, you pick one of two secret agents (generic-looking guys in red and green
    t-shirts), and select one of five American cities under siege to "liberate." From here, you
    head in guns-a-blazing, and perforate any bad guys who stand in your way.

    The graphics in Task Force are brilliant, and were definitely the high watermark when
    this title was first released. Characters are huge and well-animated, and enemies jerk back
    and die in the most satisfying way when hit with a bullet. On occaison, a bad guy will drop a
    high-powered weapon, so feel free to upgrade your arsenal. The Bazooka is, by far, the most
    powerful weapon -- just pull the trigger, and you get a screen-filling explosion that sends
    corpses flying this way and that. It's also a great way to take out that pesky helicopter that
    circles above and dive-bombs you with grenades. Unfortunately, once you run out of ammo,
    it's game over -- you'll just stand in place and get shot to death.

    Task Force is also an extremely hard game -- it's difficult enough to get through one city,
    let alone all six stages. You'll spend most of your time crouched down in order to avoid
    enemy bullets. It looks silly, but it definitely keeps you from harm.

    Looking back at it, Task Force was far from a politically correct game. In Los Angeles,
    the player mowed down members of the Crips and the Bloods, in Chicago, you got to kill
    hundreds of members of the mafia, and in Washington, you got to slaughter hundreds of
    gun-toting corrupt politicians. It seems odd that a company like Britannica Software would
    approve some of the offensive material in this game -- you might want to review the content
    before letting your kids play it.

    All in all, Task Force is brilliant arcade-style fun, and despite its difficulty, is one of the
    best titles ever released on the Apple IIGS. This is a title that made Macintosh owners
    jealous. Thumbs up! ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide

  • Graphics

    Giant animated sprites and screen-filling explosions. ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide

  • Sound

    Great death screams and gunshots. No music, though. ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide

  • Enjoyment

    Raw arcade blasting goodness. ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide

  • Replayability

    Once you manage to get through the game -- if it's humanly possible -- you might want to head back for a second round. ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide

  • Documentation

    Large black-and-white manual explains basic game mechanics. ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide


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