Test Drive 6 from Infogrames has existed for more than 10 years. The original Test Drive was released in 1987 and it has taken more than 10 years for the series to reach its sixth title. Test Drive 6 is the first of the series to appear on the Dreamcast and offers many new features and different styles of play over the fifth title that was released on the PlayStation and PC.

At the start of the game players are allotted a set amount of money with which to purchase a car from the dozens that are available. Once in the race menu, there are two choices: Single Race and Tournament Race. A single race is just that, one race that is run on a track of your choosing. Tournament races are where you race in an attempt to become the top driver and earn money to improve your car with. A Practice mode is included that does not require players to purchase a car but not all of the cars are available for selection nor are all of the tracks.

This game differs from the original Test Drive games in the following modes: Cop Chase mode and Challenge mode. In the Cop Chase mode you are required to pull over (via bashing into the pursued car) five separate criminals who are avoiding the long arm of the law. You can opt to chase down these criminals in five different cities. Each criminal caught will boost the money earned on each stage. The Challenge mode simply puts your selected car on a highway and, given a set amount of time, you must drive a required distance to meet the challenge.

With the money earned from the cop chases, challenges, and race victories, you are able to purchase many new vehicles or tune up your old ones. Cars range from fifties Jaguars to nineties Audies. Once a fair amount of cars have been accumulated, it will be easier to finish certain races due to the fact that some cars are optimal for particular races.

Tracks feature numerous breakable objects, such as road signs and barrels that will sometimes get in your way while driving. In past Test Drive titles, features such as this were non-existent. Also, the soundtrack now includes licensed songs such as My Car by Fear Factory.

There is also a two-player split screen mode that pits two players against each other in a variety of ways. The cop and robber chase is available in this mode (one player being the cop, the other the criminal), as is the challenge and regular races. One other feature is the ability to race your friend for the pink slip of his car. ~ Jonathan Licata, All Game Guide