Sixties cartoon characters Rocky and Bullwinkle headline this side-scrolling platform game from publisher THQ. The irascible Boris and sultry Natasha have taken items from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Museum, so the moose and squirrel embark on an adventure to retrieve them. Over the course of three levels, you'll climb a mountain, explore a cave, ride a mine cart, journey out into the ocean, and more. The majority of your time will be spent as Bullwinkle, who can bash things with his head and throw "moose berries" at foes. Rocky, on the other hand, can toss nuts and spin his tail to defeat enemies. In between stages, you'll play one of two mini-games for a chance to earn an extra life. Help bumbling Dudley Do-Right rescue Nell Fenwick from the train tracks, or help Sherman defeat Mr. Peabody and a fireball-spitting dragon. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide