In The Attack, your TI-99/4A home computer is under attack by aliens. Using your prodigious command skills and a fleet of 10 ships, you must rid your computer screen and the very cosmos itself of hoards of outer space menaces.

Your ship moves up, down, right and left, and fires missiles straight up at the enemies, which come in three basic types: spores, aliens and incubators, which look like black boxes. When you destroy an incubator, it releases an alien or two or three X-shaped spores. You don't get points for shooting an incubator, but spores are worth 50 points and aliens are worth 100 points.

When four spores cluster together to form a square, a musical alarm goes off, alerting you that a special large red alien has appeared. There are four skill levels (novice, intermediate, master and pro) available in The Attack and eight stardates (eight, six, four and one). The game ends when all your ships have been destroyed. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide