Legend of Heroes is a traditional Japanese role-playing game that has you guiding a party of four adventurers to defend a kingdom from various threats. You'll explore a variety of outdoor regions while journeying from town to town, picking up side quests and battling monsters along the way. Encountering a roaming monster while exploring an outdoor area will switch the default overhead perspective to an isometric, close-up view with a turn-based combat system. Options in combat include moving to another tile on the terrain, attacking the enemy, casting a spell, performing a character-specific skill, using an item, or retreating. Combat will continue until one of the following occurs: all enemies are defeated, you lose all party members, or your party decides to flee. Originally released in Japan, Legend of Heroes is the first game in a trilogy.

The "Premium Edition" includes the game, a soundtrack CD, a poster, and a metal replica of the Bracer Guild badge. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide