A young, elfin hero embarks on a perilous quest to save a captured princess in the Legend of Zelda from Nintendo. The evil Ganon has abducted Princess Zelda to plunge the land of Hyrule into chaos and despair. You control a sword-swinging character named Link in an effort to rescue Zelda and restore Hyrule's glory. Only by collecting eight triangular fragments of the golden Triforce can Link unlock the path to Ganon. There's one small problem: dungeon-dwelling monsters fiercely guard each piece.

Viewed from an overhead perspective, the game involves traversing an outdoor overworld comprised of 128 screens. As Link journeys across mountains, forests, and other areas, he will confront creatures that sling arrows, shoot energy beams, leap towards him, and perform other attacks. Each hit takes away a portion of Link's health, initially represented by three hearts. Additional hearts can be earned throughout the adventure, and at full health, Link can use his sword like a projectile to slay enemies from afar.

In addition to his sword, Link is equipped with a shield that can be used to repel attacks. Both the sword and shield can be upgraded at certain points in the game after completing specific tasks. In order to win the game, you must venture into nine underworld mazes filled with traps and new enemy types. Bombs, maps, candles, boomerangs, water vials, keys, and other items will help you overcome the dangers in your path. The Legend of Zelda is the first NES cartridge to include battery-backed memory for saving progress. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide