Based on the television and book series, The Saddle Club: Willowbrook Stables, for ages eight and up, requires players to solve a mystery on Coventry Island in an attempt to save the stables from being lost to a property developer. As Stevie Lake, Lisa Atwood, or Carole Hanson, players must search for clues and uncover secrets in more than 15 locales, utilize skills learned at Pine Hollow, interact with other kids on the island, and maintain their horse (feed, groom, saddle, and exercise).

If players opt not to use the horse associated with each character (Belle, Prancer, or Starlight), they can create their own "dream horse" by selecting the coat color and markings. As the adventure unfolds, players record their progress, discoveries, and clues in a diary, along with clippings, papers, letters, and more. Although only one girl is allowed to go to the island, she can keep in touch with her friends back at Pine Hollow.

Gameplay features include collecting points to unlock pictures in your diary, day and night cycles, and mini-games. Completing activities earn different point totals -- for example, collecting specific colored butterflies earn 100, 80, 60, 40, or 20 points, successful jumps earn 1 point, 50 points are awarded for feeding and grooming your horse (failing to do so will cost 100 points), and cleaning the stables earns 100. Competition in Pony Club events can earn 80, 60, or 40 points for finishing first, second, or third respectively, while the reward for recording the best course time in cross country races is 200 points.

Exploration of Coventry Island will take players to diverse locales including a lighthouse, fishing village, apple orchard, gold mine, church ruins, Prospect Tower, Althorp Manor, two farms, a marsh, the ruins of a castle, and more. Adjustable camera angles, automatic game saves, and simple keyboard controls for controlling your horse's speed, jumps, and turns are also available. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide