Bullfrog's comical business simulation Theme Park, challenges you to build a financially successful amusement park amidst heavy competition. You'll begin by purchasing land to build your first effort, and then make decisions on the type of rides (each rated in excitement, reliability, and maximum capacity), concessions (from coffee shops to Balloon Lands), and layout (placing trees, fences, lakes, and restrooms). You'll also have to hire staff to run your establishment, including entertainers, mechanics, and even guards to prevent hoodlums from spoiling the fun.

Of course, every piece of sidewalk, signpost or staff member will cost you money, so you'll have to make sure your park earns enough to support itself. This is done through building "hot" attractions and placing shops in locations to maximize their effectiveness. An icon driven interface involves using the pad to place objects within the park and buttons to choose various actions. Don't take too long building your park; the days are passing by while you play! Options include setting the game's difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard), the temperament of park visitors (happy, normal, or fussy), and level of competition (easy, medium, or hard). ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide