If your children are interested in the world of science, or just want to know more about how the world works, you can start them off right with Thinkin' Science by Edmark.

Children follow the adventures of the Science Scouts: Carrie, a paper bag who helps kids by providing tools for them to use in the challenges they will face; Bobbie, a sock; Buddy, a leaf; and Einstone, a rock. While Carrie stays with the child, the other three scour the city, looking for science challenges for the child to solve.

Activities include: Day and Night, which helps children learn some astronomy, about why there is day and night, and seasons. Fun Physics lets the children learn about gravity, cause and effect, and scientific variables. What Did You See? sharpens memory and observation skills. Animal Tracking lets children discover more about animals by observing their tracks. Mystery Cave asks children to solve what a hidden object is by using their senses.

Included are also the science web, which provides children with information that will help them in each of the areas, and "treasures" that the child can print out on any printer, which are awarded after successfully solving different puzzles. ~ Lisa Karen Savignano, All Game Guide