As a member of the specialist force T.R.A.G, or "Tactical Rescue Assault Group," you're tasked with infiltrating the Togusa building and eliminating the terrorist threat inside. Inevitably, things don't go as planned, leaving only two members of the team alive, with no contact to the outside world. After selecting the male Alex or female Michelle, players must work their way through the building, destroying enemy units, solving puzzles, and defeating boss characters in order to advance. The caveat however, is that the two team members must work together, requiring players to constantly switch between both characters to complete the tasks at hand. Each character is armed with a unique weapon as well as an array of basic combination attacks executed via simple button and D-pad presses.

Sharing superficial similarities with the Resident Evil series, T.R.A.G requires players to navigate a series of pre-rendered environments, acquiring health items to heal the various characters in addition to seeking out numerous other objects necessary to solve puzzles, unlock doors, and activate switches. Progressing through the title, players come into contact with two additional characters, Rachel and Burns, who, like the initial operatives, possess specific weapons and attacks. Background information can be gleaned from documents and terminals throughout the game, while cut-scenes reveal the plot and detail interactions between the key players.

Save points are scattered throughout the multi-floor building and facilitate in-game saving. Completing the game rewards players with additional costumes for the characters as well as new weapons for use in future playthroughs. ~ Gavin Frankle, All Game Guide