You are code-named Raven, and you are a secret government agent with a mission to protect the Crown Jewels. An ex-operative with high-level access has his sights set on the jewels, so you must secretly infiltrate the Tower and replace the jewels with counterfeits, to prevent the originals from being stolen.

The catch? You have just 12 hours to do it. Equipped with the latest in high-tech equipment, you must employ both stealth and subterfuge to navigate the Tower (and the sewers below) undetected. Alerting either the guards or the soldiers would mean alerting your enemy, so you must disable alarm systems and unravel the puzzles within to complete your mission.

Traitors Gate is a game which relies on thinking more than dexterity. Features include full 360-degree panning environments, authentically re-created settings, and an original storyline and score. ~ Chris Couper, All Game Guide