Tropico 4's first full-fledged expansion pack, Modern Times brings the banana republic simulation sequel up to date, with contemporary facilities and technologies, and modern-day political challenges as well. Resuming the subtly satirical role of dictator, players gain access to 30 technologically advanced buildings, ten era-appropriate "Edict" powers, and a handful of eccentric new advisor characters, with which to guide the island nation through the final decades of the 20th century and on to the dawn of the 21st.

El Presidente must change with the times or be left behind in the new single-player campaign, as seaside shacks and shanties make way for skyscrapers and space shuttle launch pads. On the international front, the leader must take a stand on the "War Against Terror," and figure out how to use the Internet and (so called) "Free Speech" to best consolidate power and quell rebellious uprisings. A "Timeline" feature marks important achievements in the island's progress and tracks their lasting effects. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide