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Nintendo GameCube


Turok: Evolution (Nintendo GameCube)

The Son of Stone Deserves Better

by Coop

Game Turok: Evolution

Platform Nintendo GameCube

Genre(s) Shooter

Preface: This review was written in September of 2002, well before I was an actual Writer. I was 16 at the time, and a massive GameCube fanboy. I’ve decided not to edit it or correct any of the grammatical errors, instead keeping it as is for the sanctity of the article. I hope you enjoy, and I apologize for what you’re about to read.

Editor's Note: I apologize too.

Name: Turok: Evolution
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Year Released: 2002

This game has been longer awaited than many others recently, with many contests to boot. In England if you legally changed your name to Turok you could win a prize, and if you named a child born during Memorial Day weekend Turok he or she would get a lage sum of money for a college scholarship (Plus being able to tell the kids at school that you are the SON OF STONE). In past years many Turoks have passed, they all have gotten extremely mixed review from pure and utter hatred, to love beyond any other. Either way, this was a must get even if by rental.

I remember the old days of playing as Turok on Nintendo 64, and after hearing about this game (and because you can shoot down trees) I knew I needed to get it ASAP. So I quickly grabbed the game and brought it home. The first thing I noticed is the loading. On the bottom right of the screen the loading is symbolized as an axe spinning, for some reason it spins in jerky movements and you do not get a feel for how much longer you will need to wait to play this game. 

You wait.

It loads.

It spins.

Then the title is shown, a very pretty animation of it as well. I get into the game and after waiting for MORE loading to finish I begin to view a cinematic. It is very cool, but I decide to skip ahead, this game is needs to start now. I begin to walk and I notice the lush surroundings, I promptly walk up to a tree and hit it with my axe, it timbers over and lands with a thud. I jump trying to land on it but no such luck, I go right through it. I imagined this would add to the gameplay greatly, but nay. I walk and see some small dinosaurs hiding. I walk up and swing!

And then I miss.

I realize I have other weapons and change to my bow and arrow. I struggle greatly with the controls and shoot off a few arrows, killing one of the little monsters. Then I am downed, I died on the first creature encounter. I say to myself ''FINALLY! A HARD GAME!'' but then I thought about it and realized it wasn't the game that was challenging, it was the lack of preset auto aim. I switched on auto aim and tried again, this time watching the opening.




The axe stops, wait, it was just for a moment.


I kill them and am still angry at the controls. Then I run into a large open area, huge dinosaurs walking around, I try to kill one and have no luck, after a while I get the big dinosaur, no threat to me so I cold have fun hacking at it. Then I see a great sight! AN ENEMY WITH A GUN! I slowly aim (there is no generic 'hold a button and freely aim with control stick,' nope, you have to use the c-stick to aim which proves difficult). I am able to kill it and I walk up and see a pistol hidden behind a rock. 

I grab it and walk to where the enemy is. A key, no gun. Isn't it an unwritten rule that if an enemy has a gun you get it when he dies? I am disappointed, so I grab the key and move on. I play through some more and get to flying levels, they are mainly as burden, they are not very fun nor action packed. If you go off the path too much you explode. I play more and more and I can give you my review.

  • Graphics: 7/10 They are very pretty, but some of the cut scenes they are less than perfect, less then good even. In a AAA game like this I expect more.
  • Gameplay/controlls: 5/10
    I hated it. Even Agent Under Fire's controls were better than this. 
  • Plot: 6/10
    Odd, to say the least. Your name is Tal'Seit or something along those lines. I want to see TUROK HAS DIED when I fall off a huge cliff, not Tal'Seit, 
  • Fun Factor: 7/10
    No multiplayer bots? Why not? Is it really that hard to make it, nearly every other FPS has it, why can't a game known for multiplayer have them? There are no levels where you run, guns blazing. Levels like the Felicity in GE. None that I saw at least. 
  • Overall: 6/10
    Very meh game. I am sure some will love it and some will hate it, Looks like I am a hater.

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