The Ultimate Pro-Pinball Pack includes three tables and a variety of customization options for players' personal needs. Up to four gamers can attempt to break the high score by playing through the mini-games and environments set up in each area. "Big Race USA" is a trip through 16 cities in the United States, where players also go against such opponents as monster truck, hot rod, and beetle. "Timeshock" features a multi-layered adventure through six time periods, beginning during the Prehistoric era and ending far into humanity's future. Finally, the "Fantastic Journey" is a trip through such Victorian steam-powered adventures as visiting the center of the Earth, unlocking the secrets of the deep sea, and finding a way to a mysterious island to defeat an evil general. The tilt angle and flipper strength, among other options, can be customized to each player, and there are several options to view each table. ~ Gracie Leach, All Game Guide