You're a prisoner on the Vortex Rikers prison transport. After waking up from your slumber, you realize that everyone is scrambling around in a state of shock, panic and chaos. The ship is going down, ready to crash-land on a new planet. When the Vortex Rikers plummets to the planet surface, you're knocked unconscious. Upon recovering from the crash, you step out into a new and strange world that is Unreal!

Four years in the making, Unreal, the intended "Quake II killer," features 3D graphics and textures combined with realistic lighting effects, detailed monsters with high artificial intelligence, DeathMatch Bots, an ample arsenal of weapons and plenty of levels inviting you to blast away.

Unreal supports 3dfx acceleration and also includes the beta version of the Unreal level editor. The main objective of the game is to survive long enough to find a way off the planet. Many gameplay controls are adjustable and configurable and the game supports joystick, mouse and keyboard input.

Actions include swimming, walking, running (lots), picking items up, opening doors, shooting (lots) and many more actions found in standard action games. There are ten main weapons, each with primary and secondary fire action, a dozen inventory items (none more important than the Universal Translator which is essential to survival), seven more items that can be found by exploring and seven in-your-face creatures, all trying to kill you. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide