Vikings is a first-person perspective adventure game that serves up ten puzzles for you to solve. You take on the role of Hjalamar in the Viking world of 1000 A.D. and you must conquer ten tricky riddles in a dangerous quest to recover the Magic Axe of your ancestors known as Hildred. As the game begins, your parents have been killed and your home is in ruins.

Your quest takes you to sixty different sites in four Viking worlds. You'll also visit Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, England and France.

The game offers valuable educational insight into the life of the Vikings, featuring a large database that details this ancient race. Here, you can learn about the Viking social structure, sense of justice, law and rituals, beliefs and gods, raids in other parts of Europe, and the Viking belief that energy is created from the eternal battles between gods and demons.

With this access to knowledge of beliefs, culture and history, the player can more easily solve the game's challenging riddles based on the history of the Viking culture. ~ Nick Smith, All Game Guide