Description taken from PC version of this game

In Wolfenstein 3d you are a soldier fighting the Nazi's on their home turf during World War II. The game is played from a first person perspective. You have six different missions to complete, each requiring you to navigate through up to 10 levels of a strongly defended castle, laboratory, or other Nazi outpost. In the game you see what your character sees as you move down hallways, open doors, etc. The foes you face range from guard dogs and measly pistol packing Nazis to more fearsome opponents like three-armed zombies and buffed-out chaingun toting bosses. All enemies and objects are displayed using two-dimensional graphics. Your arsenal may include a knife, pistol, machine gun and rapid-fire chain gun. In addition to requiring quick reactions, you are also usually required do some exploring to find one or two keys to advance to the next level. To help you along the way are power-ups to increase your health and ammo. User created levels and level editors are available to allow you to expand the adventure. ~ Joseph Scoleri III, All Game Guide