This compilation features previously released titles Comanche 3, F-22 Lightning II, and Armored Fist 2.

In Comanche 3, players take the stick of the RAH-66 Comanche and defend territory in over 30 missions of aerial warfare that will challenge seasoned pros, yet entertain the casual copter combatant. The game includes easy and advanced flight models, and a flight recorder that stores mission information for later viewing.

Armored Fist 2 is an arcade-style simulation of the M1A2 Abrams tank. Fifty missions take place over several campaigns of increasing difficulty, allowing players to engage in combat operations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition, gamers must take charge of other platoons and coordinate full-scale operations.

With a dynamic campaign structure that changes the story based on battle outcome, F-22 Lightning II includes 36 missions in the skies over desert, jungle, mountain, and coastal landscapes. Players may view the action from every angle using a multi-panning camera mode as they dive, roll, and shoot their way to victory. ~ All Game Guide