World Series Baseball makes its Xbox debut with an option to play unlimited seasons as part of the Franchise Mode. Players can also jump right into the action by selecting Quick Start, Exhibition, Playoffs, Season, or Home Run Derby. All teams and players from the start of the 2002 season have been included as well as 25 Cooperstown greats, including Nolan Ryan, Ernie Banks, Reggie Jackson, and more. Older uniforms are also available, and a variety of authentic batting stances and pitching motions have been incorporated for added realism.

The game uses the same interface found in World Series Baseball 2K2, which involves aiming a cursor over the strike zone to pitch and to hit. An overlay divided into nine zones graphically depicts the batter's strengths and weaknesses in the strike zone using a series of colored squares. Pitching involves selecting one of nine pitches (based the real-life player's repertoire) and then positioning a cursor over or around the plate. Pitches can be set to precisely hit the mark each time or vary according the control rating of whoever is on the mound.

Franchise mode offers players a number of different options. Season length can be adjusted from ten to 162 games, a fantasy draft can be conducted using fixed or random orders, coaches and scouts can be hired, computer trading and injuries can be turned on or off, and league budgets can be set to random, standard, or custom. Allotted budget points are then spent on a five-player management draft, rookie draft, and free agent signings. Each year the coaches will offer recommendations and will help nurture player development so the team can be prepared for retirement, free-agency, and more. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide