World Series Baseball II contains the 1995 Major League Baseball rosters to use in five modes of play. Those five modes are All-Star, Home Run Derby, Playoffs, Exhibition, and Pennant Race.

Pennant Race allows you to take a team through a full season of play. If you can't find a team you like, create your own roster for either the Tampa Bay Devil Rays or the Arizona Diamondbacks, and place them in any division. Both of these teams are included before they ever played a major league game so they do not have real rosters nor a division. When they are placed in a division they must replace a team and use that team's ballpark. One feature that give's players more control of their team is the ability to use a team's farm system. When a player is in a slump call one of eight players up from the minor leagues to replace him.

World Series Baseball II includes numerous options for non pennant race games, such as: the ability to play a select number of innings (from 1-9), turn the DH on/off, choose one of four difficulty levels, turn errors on/off, and turn weather/wind on/off. During play select from four different camera angles from which to view the action. ~ Jonathan Sutyak, All Game Guide